Duck breast, cooked salad and maple syrup € 15

Egg, lobster, brioche and muschrooms salade € 15

Lamb fillet with licorice, salted almonds and red onion ice-cream € 15

  Pasta & Risotto

Ravioli stuffed with Iberian pig, artichoks cream and salted ricotta cheese € 15

Risotto, bouillabaisse sauce and red shrimps € 17

Spaghetto, coconut, lemon and sea urchins € 17


Beef fillet with herbs, turnip greens, hazelnuts and bernese souce € 22

Roasted pigeon, yogurt and peppers € 25

Slice of dailyfish, pumpkins, jerusalem artichoks and shellfishs souce € 24


Ice-cream and sorbets home made € 6

Pistachio, tonka beans and chinese lantern € 8

Porcini muschrooms, white chocolate and blueberries € 9

Tropical sfhere, coconut, togurt and fruit passion € 8

  Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu € 55

Three of our best representatives dishes 

Tasting Menu € 65

Four of our best representative dishes.



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